Church celebrates 150 years of being in service

DOTHAN, WV (WOAY) – It’s a small, country church that’s seen 150 years of history pass through its doors.

Dothan Community Church is celebrating a very special Sunday service on Nov. 7.  It marks the 150th Sunday the church has been open, first opening its doors on Nov. 7, 1871.

“Going back 150 years, the generations of people that are still being touched today because of this church,” says the church’s Pastor, Darrell Fuller.

Not straying far from their typical Sunday morning customs, the church is celebrating this 150th anniversary through singing, praising, sharing memories, and ringing the bell an extra set of times before the service begins.

The church’s Pastor, Darrell Fuller, along with the well-attended congregation for its anniversary service, are grateful to be keeping these customs alive there.

“You know, it’s just a great feeling to know that this church is still standing, it’s still functioning, it’s sound, the people who built it did an excellent job,” he says.

The church is a unique asset to the area, as many old churches often cannot outlast such a test of time, but beyond the building stands a strong church community going back for generations, and one who is confident they will continue to stand.

“We received it in good standing, we want to pass it on to the next generation, sound, in good standing, and able to continue until the Lord comes back,” Fuller concludes.

While this little church in the small community of Dothan doesn’t see the same numbers or varieties of people pass through its doors as it did in years past, it continues to open the doors to its faithful members every Sunday, keeping over a century’s worth of history, customs, and memories alive and ever-flowing.

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