Local Christmas tree farm has plenty of trees to light up the holiday season

MERCER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Some areas of the country are seeing a shortage of Christmas trees this year, but not one local Christmas tree farm.

Growing for nearly six decades, the Bailey Tree Farm at Bluestone Nursery in Mercer County has been supplying hundreds of fresh trees each holiday season.

The family-owned business offers a variety of trees and fun for those who travel to kick off their Christmas festivities.

Family member and employee Dave Stevens spoke more on what they have to offer.

“We have candy and snacks for families and the kids on the weekends and hot chocolate. Just kind of make it a fun time for folks. Some folks will come and be done in ten minutes and others will spend a couple of hours out here looking all over the farm.”

The process doesn’t go by as fast as you may think. From the time a tree is planted, it takes around eight years for it to be ready to light up your home.

Not only does work go in during the holiday season, but during the off-season as well.

“During the off-season, we’re mowing, we’re shearing the trees, getting them ready for the next year.” Stevens said, “We’re planting… Those are the things we have to do starting in about March all the way through November.”

Christmas tree sales are booming as the farm has had over 100 new customers since the beginning of the pandemic.

“It’s been pretty busy this year. We usually have sales of around 700 trees per year and we’re up to around 900 trees this year so far, so it has been busier this year.”

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