Children gear up for summer fun with adventure passport activity

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Summer fun awaits you and your children as the Integrative Community Engagement team has designed an adventure-filled passport with great learning activities.

Developed to engage children in positive ways and be creative at the same time, the Fayette Prevention Coalition says this is a great way for children to have fun outside while learning about their community.

“The adventure passport program is designed to get kids outside and active in our communities. We know if kids are outside, they’re mentally and physically healthier.” Prevention Coordinator Katie Johnson says, “To feel better, but also to just understand that there are resources in their communities. They can get out, especially get their families outside playing with them.”

From individual outdoor challenges to playing at local parks, the passport lists each activity. Each task is listed in order to get points toward a prize at the end. With scavenger hunts and creative art, kids can then get their books stamped at a local library.

“We’re trying to be really creative in our prevention efforts to build coping skills, resilience and with our kids also give them a sense of place.”

The adventure passport is targeted toward third to fourth-grade level children, focusing on getting them outside and away from their screens.

“Fayette County is an amazing place to live.” Johnson says, “We just want to really push that message… Especially during the pandemic.”

For more details on the adventure and how you can get involved, you can visit this link:

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