Chess tournament held at Gaines Estate to help raise money for humane society

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – A unique kind of fundraiser for the New River Humane Society was held at the Gaines Estate in Fayetteville–a six-round chess tournament.

“We’re playing chess to raise some money for the humane society and just to have a cool event in Fayetteville, bring people to town, and just have a good time,” says Tennyson Winters, the chess official for the event.

Players gathered one-on-one for a Swiss Style tournament, meaning no one was getting eliminated and everyone had plenty of chances to win.

“You don’t ever get eliminated and you play all six games,” he says. “You will get a point for every win, a half a point if you draw, and you don’t get any points if you lose.”

The winners for first, second, and third places would be taking home cash prizes. But the most rewarding part of the event has to do with where the proceeds for the tournament will be going, which is straight to the New River Humane Society.

“We just all know how vital they are to our community, how much work they put in, and how they aren’t always funded as much as they should be,” says Tennyson.

The Gaines Estate plans to be the host of more chess tournaments in the near future. And if you’re interested in participating in any events held at the Gaines Estate, you can visit them on Facebook or on their website at

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