Bradley-Prosperity Volunteer Fire Department starts new life-saving program

BRADLEY, WV (WOAY) – Bradley-Prosperity Volunteer Fire Department has started a new program that can help reduce the response time in a life-threatening accident. When it comes to responding to a medical emergency time is of the essence. Every second could be the difference in saving a life.

“When the ambulances are busy sometimes it can be 20 or 30 minutes before an ambulance can get to you but your local fire department can get there quick,” said EMS Administrator, David Wriston.

The Bradley-Prosperity Volunteer Fire Department is now allowed to respond to medical emergencies and provide basic and advanced medical life support with other ambulances.

“We joined the other departments in the county because sometimes the closest ambulance is not up the road. Sometimes it’s coming from downtown Beckley or even further than that. This way the people in the community have a local response and provide basic and advanced medical life support,” said Wriston.

EMS administrator David Wriston says the program adds an extra layer of protection. Within a week of the program start, he has seen a huge increase in the response time.

“I can mean the matter of life and death. Minutes is all it takes sometimes and getting that extra protection quicker can really make a difference,” said Wriston.

To keep programs like this running, the department encourages everyone to support the fire levy in the upcoming election.

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