Bountiful Sunshine On The Horizon, Then Pattern Change

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): High pressure guarantees plenty of sunshine, morning frost and quiet weather through Thursday.

FRIDAY: A cold front will trigger showers with 0.25-0.50″ of rain accumulation.

WEEKEND: Temperatures will be in the 50s with dry weather until 6-8 p.m. Sunday when a southern storm brings rain.

PATTERN CHANGE: A weakening polar vortex (perhaps a Stratospheric Warming Event as indicated by the image above) and developing Greenland Ridge will foster a colder change starting on Valentine’s Day. The colder temperatures will continue until February 20-25 before we warm rapidly to end the month.

As for snow chances, we will see snow showers as a result of the cold air lifting over the Alleghenies February 15-20 with a better chance for a widespread snow between February 20-25. At this point, the pattern does not favor a blockbuster storm (more than 10 inches of accumulation).

Chad’s latest forecast:

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