Bobcat Fitness Center kicks off 2024 Biggest Loser Challenge

HINTON, WV – (WOAY) In 2021 ARH — a sponsor of Bobcat Fitness decided to launch the Biggest Loser Challenge there knowing that West Virginia is the most obese state in America and wants to change that.

Bobcat Fitness is excited to debut this year’s challenge.

“The first year we had 15 contestants, last year we had 65 contestants, we had 36 to complete the program and we lost 363 1/2 pounds,” said gym attendant Ginny Hatcher. “This year we have a lofty goal of 100 contestants and we want to lose 500 pounds.”

Let’s get Hinton healthy. The Biggest Loser Challenge helps you lose weight and gain health, and who doesn’t want more of that.

Hatcher says the numbers are very concerning. Not only what obesity does to your mental state…

“It has such a hot impact on your physical health — heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, just a number of different health conditions,” she said.

The community response to the challenge is overwhelming.

“We have businesses that are donating prizes; we have lots of people interested in coming out. This year the program is bigger and better than it’s ever been,” said the gym attendant. “We have more support, we have classes, we have education, we have prizes, we have giveaways.”

If you want to take part, stop by Bobcat Fitness on January 13 from 10 am to 3 pm or Jan. 16 from 10 am to 5 pm. Hatcher says they’ll get your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI and measurements. March 5 is the last weigh-in. They will announce the winners there on March 9. They will also provide you with a journal to track your progress and there will be mini-challenges.

“A mini challenge is who logs in the most steps in a week, or who has the most gym hours, who completes the water challenge,” Hatcher said. “Then every Tuesday at 5:00 we’re gonna have a support meeting. We may have someone come in to talk about nutrition –it may just be our ‘chew the fat’ where we’re talking about what’s working, what’s not — sharing recipes and just having that camaraderie.”

Hatcher participated the first year and soon after the challenge ended she started working at Bobcat Fitness, so she says being there and doing this means a lot.

“Weight loss is a struggle. It’s a struggle to lose weight; it is a struggle to keep it off,” she said. “This isn’t just about losing weight, this is about adopting a whole different lifestyle and learning how to live healthy.”

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