Bluefield man charged for drug offensives

FAYETTE COUNTY (WOAY) – Deron A. Yarrell, a 27-year-old Bluefield man, was arrested by the Oak Hill police department along Route 19 in February 2023.

He was a passenger in a car that was breaking the speed limit. He lied about his name to the officer.

After learning his identity and finding warrants for his arrest in Tazewell, Virginia, the officer searched the car.

They found four hundred pills containing fentanyl and tramadol, as well as 20 pills of oxymorphone.

Officers found an ounce of powdered fentanyl and cocaine each.

The driver, Cory Callen, pled guilty in April of 2023. He faces up to ten years in prison.

Yarrell faces ten years in prison for conspiracy, one to 15 years for fentanyl, cocaine, and oxymorphone offenses, and one to three years for tramadol offenses.

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