Bluefield College celebrates Black History Month

BLUEFIELD, VA (WOAY) – Bluefield College is celebrating Black History Month with a variety of keynote speakers and activities for students.

The college’s Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Tonia Walker is organizing some of the events, and she says it’s a great way for students to learn about local Black History.

“So our committee is really looking to Celebrate Black History Month this February” Walker said. “And I’m really honored to be a part of a committee where we can focus on both education as well as an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to take a part of the culture of African Americans and also have some fun.”

Each Wednesday during the month they’ve invited keynote speakers to give Zoom lectures to students, faculty and staff. Some include Reverend Gary Moore with Scott Street Baptist Church, as well as Virginia State Senator Jennifer McClellan.

“We challenged her to really talk to our students about how to navigate the space given where we are in the country today with the division politically and ratially. There’s just so much she can bring forward for us.”

They’ll also be on campus events like Soul Food Nights that involve dinners that incorporate African American culture. Walker says celebrating Black History Month in this way allows students to learn from another and grow as a community. 

“There’s a lot going on in the month of February, I challenge any and everyone to be a part of any opportunity to engage us. There’s so much more to offer and hopefully some of the things we talk about we’ll be able to carry even beyond February.” 

The college is also holding events throughout the month such as an on-campus talent show and a movie night to celebrate Black History. 

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