Beckley’s Chili Night returns

Beckley is gearing up for their 32nd Annual Chili Night this Saturday, October 7. Taste some of the best chili around — classic, spicy, speciality and more at the beloved event.

It’s endured all these years because the community really embraces the hearty meat stew.

“This year we’ve got at least 30 chili vendors and 39 chili vendor booths that will be set up. We have eight different musical acts performing during the evening,” said Beckley events director Jill Moorefield. “We’ve also got a wrestling match and we have a kid’s zone, with some items for the kids.”

People like to try different varieties and they will definitely have their pick at chili night.

“A lot of regular chilis, we have different categories — restaurant, businesses, organizations, individuals, best tasting, spicy, as well as a specialty category; such as a white chili or a vegetarian chili,” Moorefield said. “One I think that’s gonna have some pumpkin in it and one that’s like a Hawaiian.”

What makes a good chili is a matter of taste… according to Serious Eats, that would be a balance of sweet, bitter, hot, fresh and fruity.

“The flavor, the look and the aroma — all of that is part of the judging of the chilis,” said Moorefield.

At the end of the day, the Beckley events director knows what she likes:

“Just a good blend classic chili,” Moorefield said.


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