Beckley Water Company’s 2025 calendar contest encourages students to ‘Be a Water Hero’

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Beckley Water is excited to be hosting its third annual calendar contest with this year’s theme ‘Be a Water Hero.’

They want students to use their creativity to think of ways to protect our environment and watersheds.

“Water is a very important resource that a lot of people don’t realize just how important it is,” said GIS tech/PR coordinator Alexis Foster. “And so if we’re able to talk to the students and teach them how important it is at the Pre-K level — as they grow up, they’re able to continue sharing the message and spreading the news.”

It’s a precious commodity. In America, we take water for granted but billions worldwide lack access to clean water.

“We wake up every morning here in Beckley or West Virginia, and we’re able to turn on our faucets and have clean water. That’s just not the case for everyone,” Foster said. “And so another important reason for us to try to encourage the students to learn about protecting our watershed is to also just understand what a valuable resource it is, and how fortunate we are to be able to have clean water.”

Any student, Pre-K through 12th grade is eligible to participate in the calendar contest.

“We hope that parents and teachers alike encourage their students to be more water aware and environmentally aware.”

June 14 is the extended contest deadline (from June 1). Your artistic creation can be any medium. Thirteen winners will be chosen, with a cover page winner featured in the 2025 calendar distributed to Beckley Water Company customers. Winners receive a $50 gift card.

“Drop it by our office, 119 South Heber Street or they can mail it to 119 South Heber Street,” said Foster. “They can email it to or submit it online at”

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