Beckley Rotary Club’s 2023 Christmas Magic project: Emergency Housing Shelter at Pine Haven

The Beckley Rotary Club picks a different cause each year to infuse Christmas magic into; this year they are assisting the Emergency Housing Shelter at Pine Haven, which was recently awarded a grant they used for updates on their facility. Unfortunately, it was not enough.

So the Rotary is stepping up to help them complete some much-needed repairs on the men’s common area.

“We have some generous donors in our club and in the community,” said club president Dr. Kristi Dumas. “And we also have just ‘Santa’s helpers’ are what we are going to call them — a couple of contractors who have decided to donate their time, their talent and their treasure and their expertise to getting all of the work done.”

According to Dumas, the club is so appreciative of the opportunity to be part of something bigger than they are.

“A project that is sustainable, that is going to benefit so many people; so many underserved and underprivileged people in our community,” she said. “And Rotary is elated to be part of the solution.”

Dumas cherishes being involved with Rotary and having all those community partnerships and relationships.

“You hear about all of the societal ills in West Virginia. But for as many challenges that we have, there are many more people who are willing to give,” said the club president. “To give of themselves and to give of their means — to make the city a better place.”

She says Rotary’s job is to engage those givers and people who honor and live by the code of service above self.

“To complete projects, to better our facilities, to better our playgrounds and just to give people hope,” said Dumas.

That is their 2023 theme, to create hope in the world.

“We feel that this Christmas Magic Project does just that,” she said. “It creates hope for people who may feel hopeless.”

Or find themselves in a state of not being able to see better for themselves.

“And us being able to provide them the opportunity to realize and evolve into their best selves,” Dumas said.

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