Beckley-Raleigh Chamber of Commerce is asking for volunteers for vaccine clinics

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Since the start of the vaccine distribution the Beckley-Raleigh Chamber of Commerce has been apart of the Raleigh County COVID-19 Coalition which is a partnership of several agencies distributing the vaccine. With the large number of vaccines being rolled out it has required numerous volunteers which the chamber of commerce has been helping to provide by contacting local businesses to see if their employees can help.

“The chamber was able to use our network of business leaders and send out email blasts and reach several organizations, actually like I said a thousand people,” said Beckley-Raleigh Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Michelle Rotellini. “Folks started signing up right away to get out there and help.”

The volunteers have been helping patients fill out their paperwork, directing traffic at the clinics, and helping people get registered. Rotellini says that the community has been very grateful to all the volunteers for their help.

“They are coming through the line and they are just so thankful to be able to get their vaccination that day,” Rotellini said. “It’s really a rewarding experience because they are looking at the volunteers and they are saying ‘hey thank you for being out here, thank you for doing this for me, thank you for doing this for our community.’ And that has just been a really huge help.”

As the vaccine distributions continue the chamber is asking community members to donate items such as lunches, coffee, and hot chocolate. If you make a donation the chamber will purchase the food and drinks and take them to the event, or businesses can take their own goods over themselves if they so choose.

“We are usually their at eight in the morning on the middle level of the parking lot at the armory,” said Rotellini. “We have two tents set up, one on each end, so what ever you bring, bring two of. Because it’s a long walk across that parking lot to get a hot cup of coffee and sometimes you can’t leave your station.”

For more information on how to volunteer or make donations visit the chamber of commerce website, call 304-252-7328 and ask for Joe, or email Joe at

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