Bear season scheduled to coincide with deer season

Licenses go on sale Dec. 1, two weeks earlier than ever before

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – The West Virginia DNR wants hunters to know that bear season will be open at the same time as the buck firearm season.

According to the DNR, it is to maximize the season when hunters are most likely in the woods. Bear hunting is a good way for the state to manage the bear population.

“Concurrent bear hunting during deer season takes advantage of a time of year when the maximum number of hunters are in the woods,” said Colin Carpenter, black bear project leader for the WVDNR. “This helps manage bear populations by increasing the number of harvests, but also provides a unique opportunity for hunters who may have never hunted bears to harvest one.”

Because acorns will be falling, bears and deer will likely gather in the same spot, giving hunters the best chance to harvest animals from both species.

However, this year’s acorn crop was spotty, so hunters should scout before the season begins.

If you harvest a bear, you must submit the first premolar tooth so that the DNR can monitor the population.

The bear season opens Dec. 4. For a full list of seasons and regulations, go to

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