Bayman Construction Corporation continues work on Bluestone Dam

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – One of the goals for stage 5 of the Bluestone Dam Construction is public safety.

Bayman Construction Corporation is assisting on this upcoming stage. This is the third major contract that Bayman has been involved with on this project.

“Stage 5 is the final stage of the overall improvement for the safety of the Bluestone Dam,” said Bayman President/COO Frank Piedimonte. “Stage 5 will address the two stilling basins, which is basically where the water empties out of the dam through the dam. So those will be de-watered, concrete will be placed in there and anchored down. That’s the primary feature of this project.”

When this phase is complete, the projects that have been worked on for close to two decades will work to keep the dam functioning.

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