Arrowhead Bike Farm to open new bike shop in Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – This weekend, the Arrowhead Bike Farm will be celebrating the opening of their new bike shop. This new expansion’s celebration will be coupled with various events the farm is planning.

The Arrowhead Bike Farm is an all-in-one destination for bikers of all levels to get their fix. The Bike Farm features a campground with many biking trails, a bike clinic and even a restaurant. Adam Stephens, the operations manager of the Arrowhead Bike Farm, says the farm is an ideal location for anyone looking for a great weekend outdoors.

“Basically, we are focusing on mountain biking with our core business. Although we have a lot of visitors who are interested in the outdoor activities we can do. And our location really lends itself to launching your weekend adventure,” Stephens said.

Now, the Arrowhead Bike Farm is getting a much anticipated expansion that Stephens says will really help enthusiasts with all their biking needs.

“Inside the farm we have multiple different levels of things happening, from our campground, to our restaurant, to our newly expanded bike shop which is the new 1400 square foot edition we built this year and launched that will give us the opportunity to really facilitate getting you on a bike.”

On top of their services for experienced bikers, the arrowhead Bike farm even offers classes and support clinics for newer bike enthusiasts that want to hone their skills.

“We also have the mountain bike school that we are very very proud of and growing it into our second year. The focus of that is to get your skills built up so if you’re a beginner biker, you’re gonna leave feeling confident on those trails.”

And this weekend, to celebrate the opening of their new bike shop the Arrowhead bike Farm will be hosting a variety of events to get the community out and involved in the expansion.

“It is to get the wheels turning, get all the things operating and see how they’re functioning with the brand new space. Obviously there’s some logistical things that we need to kind of hammer out. And so we invite everyone to come over.”

The events this weekend will include free mountain biking learning clinics, relaxed group rides and even a 15 mile group ride along the New River Gorge for more experienced bikers.

“This whole weekend is just kind of slated to get the wheels turning, invite everybody over to see the new building. See what we have going on, come join the fun.”

This expansion comes after more than a year of planning, and Stephens is hopeful for a good turnout for the events this weekend. Bike enthusiasts of all skill levels are encouraged to come to the opening of the new shop.

Beginning March 6, the bike shop will be open Wednesday through Thursday from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

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