Arrowhead Bike Farm to host seasonal bike clinics

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – It’s that time of year again for the Arrowhead Bike Farm in Fayetteville to be host to their technical skills clinics.

The focus of these workshops is to help people sharpen their skills on a mountain bike and teach them useful techniques for the most stability and confidence while riding. The farm offers hour-long courses that people can book throughout the season.

In addition, they will be hosting a Farmyard Skills Day on March 13. It’s a free clinic that will specifically focus on riding over rocks, rolling down drops, and training for riding through narrow terrain.

“Doing a free clinic a little earlier will help get everybody stoked about riding on their own, so that’s why we chose to have it earlier, risking the weather a little bit but wanted to have it as early as we could so people will start riding earlier in the season,” Program Director at the bike farm, Travis Brown.

The bike farm also has other events coming up this year, such as their Short Track Race on March 19 and a Trials and Tracks Competition on May 21.

You can visit Arrowhead Bike Farm’s website for more information.

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