April 15 is Tax Day

Oak Hill, WV (CNN)- It’s tax day. 

You only have hours left to file a return or request an extension. 

Otherwise — you might end up paying a fee. 

Here’s how to file or get more time quickly. 

Maine, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC, residents have an extra day or two for observed holidays. 

People who live or work in federally declared disaster areas can check their deadlines at IRS.gov.

Requesting an automatic six-month extension for free through an IRS partner on the agency’s website is possible. 

The deadline for that is today, and it involves paying estimated taxes. 

Those who want to file before midnight tonight can use an IRS direct file, an IRS trusted partner, or a paid service. 

You have some wiggle room if you know you’re due a refund. 

The failure-to-file penalty won’t apply to you. 


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