Appalachian Christmas Event begins in Hinton

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – Men and Women of Action, a global outreach ministry out of Tennessee, began its Appalachian Christmas Event today in Hinton.

MWOA partnered with the Lifeline Church of God to distribute food, coats and toys from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. This event has taken place for over two decades across the United States.

“We’re just very happy to come back to Hinton for this project,” said Appalachian Christmas Leader Jane Roberts. “The people here are so warm and friendly, and easy to get to know. We’re just glad that we’re able to come and bless these people. But you know what, they get blessed but we get blessed.”

Men and Women of Action will also be hosting a Christmas party for children of all ages this Saturday, November 28th, to conclude the event.

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