Ansted Elementary students, families take part in “Take Me Out to the Reading Night”

ANSTED, WV (WOAY) – Students and their families came out for “Take Me Out to the Reading Night.”

In an effort to boost families’ reading engagement with their children, Title 1 teachers and paraprofessionals at Ansted Elementary School held a literary game night. The theme, being centered around baseball made for a fun way to not only ring in the season, but also get everyone involved.

“It’s all about reading,” says Marchell Bowling, Principal of Ansted Elementary. “We have all kinds of teams ready. We have coaches, all of the hats are the teachers and their ‘coaching hats.'”

Both the students and their families were lining up at the door to participate. At each of the tables, parents were given fun, interactive reading games to play with their kids.

The games focused on vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, sight words, and other reading skills. Bowling says it was a beneficial way parents can teach and engage their kids from home.

“The parents will learn strategies to help their children at home and it ranges from pre-K to fifth grade,” she says. “So they will actually get to know how to help their child with learning their sight words, or how to do fluency reads, and they have little things they can take with them that they can do at home or that they can recreate.”

Closing out the event, parents, and students could shop for books and pick out special treats from the concession stand.

The school is already planning to host more student-parent game nights and other events next year.

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