Annual Christmas Bazaar set for Welch Market

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – The Welch Market will be hosting its annual Christmas Bazaar this year.

The Bazaar will be held at the Welch Municipal Building the weekend after Thanksgiving. There will be local artists and craftsmen present throughout the weekend to provide a variety of shopping options.

“They’re going to be open on Saturday and Sunday,” said Welch Business Development Specialist Jason Grubb. “So everybody can go hit their big box scores on Friday and do those special shopping days. But on Saturday and Sunday of that week, we’re going to have the Bazaar over at the parking garage. It’s going to be on the bottom floor, so folks can just walk in and walk out pretty easily. Hopefully fill up the top two floors with it as well.”

For more information on the Welch Market, visit or contact Welch City Hall.

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