An Unforgettable Trip For One Local High School

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY)- Some local high schoolers  were surprised by running into a special guest on a recent class field trip to Washington D.C.


Pikeview High School in Princeton, WV History Club was on a field trip to Washington D.C. when they ran into Vice President Mike Pence.


The meeting happened at a restaurant where the class and chaperones decide to eat after a day of sight seeing.


Students in the History Club were shocked to see the Vice President, but some were able to catch an infamous selfie shot with the Vice President.


Leah Flanigan, a member of the History Club shared what the experience was like, “As quick as a moment all of these Secret Service men got out and surrounded Pence and we didn’t even know he was there, until he was inside and all of the teachers were like “oh my gosh, it is Vice President Mike Pence” and all of us were like standing up looking over at the corner like what is happening,” said Flanigan.


All of the students told WOAY that meeting the Vice President was the highlight of the their D.C. trip and a memory that they will always remember.












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