Alorica and Intuit bringing in hundreds of employees into new office

BLUEFIELD, WV (WOAY) – Over the past two years, Alorica has been working with the City of Bluefield to build a new location to house hundreds of workers.

They opened up for business back in May and so far have only a few dozen people working there, but they’re excited to finally get 200 more to eventually move into the building in the coming weeks. 

“We’re really excited to get into the new facility,” site director John Miller said. “This has been a two year journey for us. We started in a temporary facility in the summer of 2019, so we’re really excited to get into our new facility here on Federal Street.”

The space is a modern touch for the City of Bluefield, with inspiration taken from the headquarters of Alorica and Intuit, being California.

It provides a cafeteria, game room, and hundreds of workspaces. However, much of the workforce is working remotely, and they are moving in a few dozen each month to take advantage of the new space.

“We’re gradually transitioning the rest of our workforce. A lot of those folks have been working from home. We do have a few who have transitioned into the facility already.

The workers are coming from all over, and plenty are local as well. The increased traffic downtown from all these workers is expected to cause a boom in business, especially for local restaurants.

“Just getting everybody back into the city center will really help get things moving, get things stimulated. We’re excited to do our part to move the economy along.” 

Alorica is still looking for people to join their team. Visit for more information on applying.

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