Newest landmark complete in Alderson, clock replaces original that burned

ALDERSON, WV (WOAY) – After months of planning, fundraising and hopes to bring a new staple to the Town of Alderson, a town clock has been put up to replace what once was.

Rich with history, the town was featured in National Geographic, showing what once was the town clock before it perished in a fire.

Alderson Volunteer Stacy Eskins said, “A lot of people still remember that clock. We wanted to have a nod to history, but also progress for the future. This is the perfect site for bringing that town clock back.”

After exceeding the original $15,000 goal, the Town of Alderson ended with over $18,000 in donations alone.

“It’s a surreal moment to go from an idea to having it and seeing it in reality, you can touch it.” Eskins said, “It’s wonderful.”

After only standing for less than a week, Alderson has already seen a tremendous amount of positive feedback to their newest addition.

“The response, especially on Facebook, has been just overwhelming.” Eskins said, “Everybody loves it. Of course they know the history of the older town clock and we brought it back. It’s tying history and future together, just a rewarding response.”

Alderson Main Street is planning a clock dedication ceremony on March 20 at 2 p.m.

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