Activated Body starting new Pilates teacher training course

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Pilates is a posture-based form of movement that lengthens, strengthens, and balances every part of the body, and now Activated Body in downtown Oak Hill is offering a course for anyone interested in learning to teach Pilates and help those who suffer from body pain. A three-month course starting October 8th, this Pilates teacher training will teach you the background behind the exercise, as well as the Pilates method, philosophy, and how to be a full-on Pilates instructor.

“Becoming a Pilates teacher is incredibly fulfilling, you’re helping people move better so they can move more out in their life, and it’s intriguing in this area in particular, because we haven’t had a lot of Pilates here, so you can learn a new trade, a new skill, and become a Pilates teacher,” says Owner of Activated Body, Angelina Corwin.

Activated Body will also be partnering with Active Southern West Virginia to offer a series of free Pilates classes at the Oak Hill Amphitheater starting September 10th. For more information on this and the Pilates teacher training, you can visit Activated Body at or by visiting them on Facebook.

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