AAA in Beckley and West Virginia State Police held a Slow Down Move Over event

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- AAA in Beckley teamed up with the West Virginia State Police to highlight an important law to protect drivers and emergency personnel when driving.

They held a slow down move over event at the AAA in Beckley, where people could talk to the West Virginia State police about the law in West Virginia.

State Trooper S.D. Brody explains what this law is all about and why it’s so important to inform the public on it.

“So if you see any type of emergency vehicle or any type of work vehicle on the shoulders of our highways with their overhead lights illuminated, you are required by law to either slow down or move over into the [other] lane. If it’s open and you’re able to,” explained Brody. “In my experience so far throughout my career in law enforcement, when you see people that are violating the slow down move over there, a lot of it’s because they aren’t aware of the law. They haven’t been educated on it. So we greatly appreciate AAA with putting this together to try to educate the public, because a lot of people, not only do they not realize that it is a law, but on top of that, they aren’t aware that not only is it a cover of law enforcement, whether it’s a police car on the side of the road with their overhead red-blue lights illuminated, it also covers the fire department, it covers EMS, it covers tow trucks, it covers Department of Highways.”

With the holidays right around the corner. AAA thought This was a perfect time to highlight and get the word out about this law so people can stay safe when driving this holiday season.

“We thought that with holiday travel season approaching, more people would be out on the road and it would be a really good time to just remind people of the slow down move over law,” said Kristen Farley, retail manager at AAA in Beckley. “AAA, of course, provides emergency roadside service. So, we worry a lot about our tow drivers safety, and it just seemed like a natural partnership to partner with the state police because that also applies to them, the slow down mover over law. When fatalities occur, you know, they’re at danger on the side of the road too.”

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