AAA Beckley on staying safe on your summer travels

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The summer travel season is already in full force and it seems everyone is going somewhere.

Give yourself time to plan trips and book with a reputable vendor. AAA Beckley says they can help you stay safe wherever your journey takes you.

“Whether it’s accommodations for attraction tickets or, an excursion that might be a city tour. Stay inside the city and stay at all the local properties and not so much outskirts of the city to be safe and make sure that you’re getting the best deal in the local, attractions that might be of interest to you,” said senior travel advisor Melissa Norris.

If you’re driving AAA says to be aware of your surroundings, and make sure you have plenty of gas so you don’t get stuck in an area where you can’t fill up the tank or must reroute yourself. Use AAA’s TripTik with turn-by-turn directions or GPS. While many people fly, many also now travel by car.

“I mean, why not? And sometimes it’s more economical for families to travel in a car, pack things for the kids to be preoccupied,” Norris said. “Make sure you have some snacks, some water, things like that. Also, you know, AAA’s membership is fantastic for being on the road.”

Fourth of July is the summer vacation kickoff when families love to travel. The senior travel advisor suggests using a travel agent.

“We’ve got some of the best ideas that we could give somebody,” she said. “And maybe not things that you think about. Travel insurance is so important — maps, vendor information.”

Some people are okay with doing things last minute.

“We can’t maybe always guarantee the best rates, but sometimes there’s something out there that’s a good deal or something that just allows you to get a couple states away — 4 to 6 hours drive,” said Norris. “Why not hop in the car and do that and call us? You know, we could get you great hotel rates, and attraction tickets.”

People are also traveling internationally. Norris says to make copies of your passport, where you’re staying, and personal information, including medications. Keep a copy for yourself and one for your family – since you never know when something can happen.

“Paris, France has been a thing, hard to get all the accommodations and flights and things like that with the Olympics going on,” Norris said so that’s been kind of limited. “But river cruising on the Rhine or the Danube, things like that has been a really hot item to do this year.”

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