A Toddler’s adorable escape from her bedroom

(ABC NEWS)- Chloe Cardinal’s best friends are her family’s two golden retrievers, Colby and Bleu.

The 15-month-old and two pups play together, cuddle and even share snacks together. And even though Chloe’s still little, she has grown big enough to reach the pups’ kibble bin.

But little did her parents know that the trio were also partners in crime.


On Friday morning, her parents, Chris and Nina Cardinal, woke up early in their Phoenix home to hear Chloe stirring over the baby monitor.

But as Nina walked toward Chloe’s room, she found her daughter already up and standing in the hallway.

“We were shocked! How was she able to get out of bed?” Chris told ABC News. “This is the first time she’s ever made an escape like this. Did she grow?”


Nina and Chris said Chloe can’t get out of her bed by herself because of a mesh guard. Her bed is also too high for her to get out without help. She also isn’t tall enough to reach the knob of her bedroom door, which her parents keep closed at night.

Nina and Chris said they have to come and scoop her up out of her bed. So, the fact that she was standing outside of her room had the two parents scratching their heads.

Chris and Nina said they then checked the Nest camera in Chloe’s room. What they saw baffled them.

The camera footage showed Colby and Bleu using their noses to open the child’s bedroom door and then jumping into bed with Chloe to play.

The Nest cam caught all the dogs’ antics in action: Once they got Chloe awake, Colby and Bleu ran in and out of the room, snatching her stuffed toy, encouraging her to follow them. And, she did.

With the door now open, thanks to her pups, Chloe walked out of her room, making her great escape.

Now, it’s back to the drawing board for Chris and Nina. They told ABC News that first, they would be looking to make sure that Chloe’s door is more secure.

“I knew we had to childproof our house,” Chris said. “Guess we’ll have to dog-proof it too!”



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