A sister’s Justice for Brenda Lambert

It has haunted her sister and family for decades; life was never the same after July 22, 1992. All they want is to bring Brenda Lambert home so she can finally be at peace.

“We last seen her around 9pm right up the road here in Mercer,” said her sister, Christy Kennedy. “Brenda was murdered and Brenda was hid on property very close to here. I mean, everybody knows it and everybody knows who.”

Her sister has spent a lifetime of torment fighting for justice. Seeing Brenda’s billboard for the first time off Coal Heritage Road in Bluefield was emotional.

“I hope that she burns a hole into all the guilty so every single time that they go by it… ’cause it wasn’t just her,” Kennedy said. “She’s my main focus but it tore my family up, it tore her children up. And it keeps going, it doesn’t end.”

Brenda’s billboard was strategically placed to have a little over 64,000 eyes on it each week. They’re hoping that someone who knows something about what happened that night will have a conscience. This billboard may touch their heart.

“There’s not any information that’s too small,” said Kenny Jarels, president/CEO of The Aware Foundation. “We’re trying to put the final piece of the puzzle so this family can bring this mother, this sister — she needs to be brought back to where they can properly give her a memorial service, a burial.”

Thirty-one years ago Brenda vanished from her home in Bluewell at her son’s first birthday party. Sister Christy has devoted her life to uncovering the truth. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department needs your help in solving this.

With her billboard as a backdrop — Christy Kennedy remembers Brenda with love and affection.

“Brenda was definitely a free spirit, and she loved kids and it wasn’t just her kids, it was all kids. She was the one who taught my little brother to tie his shoes and she loved her nieces and nephews,” Kennedy said. “She had such a big heart too, Brenda was one-of-a-kind and I’m not saying it because she was my sister. She just was.”

The Aware Foundation has helped solve three cold cases, they’re hoping Brenda will be their fourth.

“We’re very persistent, we don’t let up,” said Jarels. “These people think that we’re gonna go away — they’re sadly mistaken.”

Christy says even when they find Brenda…

“There’s still a lifetime of that loss. There was two children that grew up without their mother,” she said. “There’s definitely not ever gonna be like a closure. Getting her back is the most important thing to us so we can bury her with our parents.”

According to Christy, Brenda was a victim of domestic violence and it worries her for other people.

“If this can happen to us; it can happen to anyone,” said Kennedy. “And it doesn’t matter who you are… it’s not selective.”

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