A new form of dirt bike racing that’s gaining national popularity comes to Raleigh County

GLEN DANIEL, WV (WOAY) – U.S. Sprint Enduro dirt bike racing has arrived on the courses of Hidden Valley Mud Bog, formally known as Hidden Valley Golf Course, in Glen Daniel. And racers of all ages and skill levels from across the country have come out to these tracks to hone their craft and have some fun doing it.

“It used to be a golf course, which is every dirt biker’s dream to ride on a golf course,” says Nancy Schlag, co-founder of Sprint Enduro.

Sprint Enduro is a unique kind of dirt bike racing that includes two tests– the cross-test and the enduro test. While both tests involve the racers running the 3-mile courses in the shortest amount of time they can and with the smallest amount of mistakes possible, the enduro test is the most challenging, the real off-road test which takes them into the woods.

“Sprint Enduro is a really great format for people to get introduced to off-road riding, even racing, if you haven’t raced before, this is a really good way to get into it,” Schlag says.

Many professional motorbike racers have gotten into Sprint Enduro as well, and have even gotten to travel the world competing in this rather unusual kind of racing.

“I’ve always excelled at this style of racing and it’s actually taken me over to Europe and over to different countries,” says Layne Micheal, professional motorcycle racer. “I’ve been to Slovakia, France, Spain, and this year I actually get to go to Italy now, so it’s taken me to a lot of pretty awesome places.”

So, whether you’re into cross country or motocross dirt bike racing, Sprint Enduro is a unique blend of both that’s quickly becoming popular.

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