Zach Shrewsbury tackles plight of West Virginia

For Zach Shrewsbury, our federal government is not listening to the needs of West Virginians. He says he has his thumb on the working class, so he decided to throw his hat in the ring for Senate.

“People in West Virginia need a fighter, not just someone who obeys corporate interest,” said the candidate for U.S. Senate. “You need somebody that actually represents us.”

A devoted advocate for working-class families, Shrewsbury calls the ‘Make American Great’ extremism of West Virginia’s current delegation harming. He’s working to change that.

“Manchin, Jim justice, what have you, no longer represent us — they represent themselves at the end of the day,” the candidate said no-one’s talking about the need for actual healthcare in West Virginia. No one’s actually talking about tackling the addiction crisis. “They show up at election time. They haven’t been in the community like I’ve been for years talking to people.”

According to Shrewsbury, it absolutely will be a tough uphill battle but one he’s taking on nonetheless.

“People have to choose between groceries and rent. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs; we can’t live like this any longer,” he said. “Working class people can no longer do this.”
We are at a breaking point in this country.

“People can’t afford to go to the hospital. You have to go into debt just to ride in an ambulance,” said the Marine Corps veteran. “You have to choose putting your kid in daycare, which you can’t afford to do or choose a job that’s probably an hour away, with the gas prices the way they are. So if you’re poor the system’s stacked against you and that’s not fair.”

Zack’s vision starts with bringing new jobs to the state…

And actively fighting for working-class interest. He says we have to tackle the addiction crisis in good ways.

“Actively seeking recovery, encouraging compassion for people instead of throwing people in jail for money,” he said.

His five years in the Marine Corps infantry taught Zach discipline, and he says he brings actual representation and leadership. It’s all about the haves and have-nots. Not about him taking on Manchin or Jim Justice. It’s about working-class people having a voice.

“I’m here as you, I’m here as us. Everyone else is money, everyone else has yachts, really super nice cars — I’m here actively fighting for us,” said the senate candidate. “If there’s any concerns in this state that aren’t being amplified, reach out to me, Zachary Shrewsbury and I will gladly try to amplify them through this campaign.”

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