Zach Shrewsbury stops in Fayetteville on the campaign trail

Since Manchin’s announcement, Zach Shrewsbury has been on the road almost every day — going door to door meeting people in their homes, talking to union halls, striking workers up north, a democratic meeting down south and committees across the state.

Tonight he made a stop at Freefolk Brewery in Fayetteville.

“Shows how much work it’s going to take to win this thing. And that’s the thing — we are bound and determined to do it,” said Senate candidate Shrewsbury. “We’ve been met with a lot of positivity. People are excited to see someone that is similar to them.”

He says he understands the struggles faced by the working-class people of West Virginia and has centered his campaign on those very issues. Now Zach Shrewsbury kicks off that campaign determined to serve without the influence of corporate interests.

According to Kaylen Barker, she would support Zach even if she wasn’t working for his campaign because he supports bold policies that West Virginia needs. She says for generations we’ve been stuck picking between political elites from both parties.

“Who seems more interested in lining their own pockets than actually doing the work that helps West Virginians survive and thrive in a state that has really been forgotten and left behind by Washington,” said Barker, Shrewsbury for senate campaign communications & policy director.

Deb McCarthy calls Zach a unique, appealing candidate who is the everyman… came from hardscrabble and knows people like him need representation in our government.

“We have so many lawyers, doctors, Indian chiefs who are not really representing the people of West Virginia,” the Princeton, WV resident said.

Zach is holding kick-offs across the state as the primary approaches, you can next find him in Bluefield. He says if you’re looking for someone who knows your daily life struggles.

“You want someone who’s from here; who’s willing to go to the hills and hollers, talk to everybody who’s been fighting for the common West Virginians for years now, that’s me,” Shrewsbury said. “I am the working class candidate and will remain that way.”

It means so much to have a candidate that energizes people, Kaylen says.

“People tend to get complacent and feel disconnected from the political process,” said Barker. “And Zach is bringing those people back into the fold and getting them excited to vote and that’s really important.”

They want a regular person to speak out for them, and make policy for them.

“We need that; we need that in our country, we need that in our state. We need somebody like Zach to serve in Washington, DC,” McCarthy said.

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Zach says feel free to volunteer for his campaign.


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