Wyoming County officials ramp up COVID-19 prevention strategies

WYOMING COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Wyoming County officials are continuing to increase measures preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The county continues to post low numbers of confirmed COVID cases. Despite this, the county commission had a lengthy discussion this morning about stepping up efforts to ensure that businesses can safely remain open.

“We’re really proud of our numbers compared to everyone else, but we want to keep those numbers down,” said Wyoming County Commission President Jason Mullins. “The courthouse is now putting extra people on to clean and on the door. We’re going to be checking people when they come through the door to make sure that they’re not running a fever and that they haven’t traveled. I think we just have to be very patient with each other.”

While county officials have been doing their part to make sure that anyone with even a small symptom of COVID is separated from the public, they’re hopefully going to be getting help in a more efficient manner.

“The County Commission and each officeholder got together,” said Wyoming County Chief Deputy Bradley Ellison. “Hopefully, we’re going to install an EMT that can be more medical than an officer is. Taking temperatures. Asking questions.”

One of the chief concerns throughout West Virginia is COVID spreading from out of state sources. The county commission is taking that more into account going forward.

“Besides stepping up cleaning at the courthouse, we’re also going to do a little questionnaire,” Mullins said. “We can still do business there. If you come up and you have traveled, there’s a lot of things that can be handled on the phone, through the mail. We can even send somebody out if we have to, to try to take care of whatever business you need to do here.”

All elected officials on the commission are committed to taking these extra steps against COVID-19.

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