Wyoming County continues planning through remote learning in schools

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – “We stand ready to welcome our students back any day that we’re able to.”

It remains up in the air as to when exactly that might be. Wyoming schools have been entirely remote for several weeks, but just because it’s become routine doesn’t mean that it’s preferred.

“Numbers in Wyoming County continue to go in the wrong direction,” said Wyoming County Superintendent Deirdre Cline. “We need our community to stand with us in our support of children. And they always have.”

Having to work through the orange and red has presented challenges that the Board of Education is continuously working to overcome.

“We continue to work through other opportunities to allow families to be able to meet those requirements,” said Director of Student Services John Henry. “And those families that don’t have internet access to be able to participate, we’re still following up with those families and making sure that we’re providing different types of assignments through written packets.

The pre-school year plan involved a scenario of completely remote learning, but officials are pining to have students back in person sooner rather than later.

“There’s absolutely no substitute whatsoever for the environment that a classroom teacher creates in service to children,” Cline said. “But we are doing our very best to provide quality remote instruction to students right now.”

All the county can do is prepare and react until that color gets back into a lighter zone.

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