WVSSAC announces changes to state basketball tournament schedule

WOAY – The WVSSAC announced Thursday the schedules for upcoming state basketball tournaments will rotate among different time slots.

For the past two seasons, the schedule was fixed, with the Class A championship games played on a Saturday morning, followed by the title games for Class AA, AAA, then AAAA.

With the rotating schedule, the 2023 state tournament will see the Class AAAA championship games on Saturday morning, followed by A, AA, and AAA. In 2024, the Class AAA championship games would be played first. This would also mean the quarterfinal and semifinal schedules rotate for at least the next three years.

The championship schedule from 2023-2025 is below.

2023: Class AAAA at 10:00 AM, Class A at 12:30 PM, Class AA at 5:00 PM, Class AAA at 7:30 PM

2024: Class AAA at 10:00 AM, Class AAAA at 12:30 PM, Class A at 5:00 PM, Class AA at 7:30 PM

2025: Class AA at 10:00 AM, Class AAA at 12:30 PM, Class AAAA at 5:00 PM, Class A at 7:30 PM

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