WVDACH announces grants awarded for fiscal year 2023

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – The West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History (WVDACH) announces grants awarded to organizations and individuals for fiscal year 2023 through the State Library Commission, State Historic Preservation Office, and the State Arts Office. A complete list of the grantees and grant amounts are listed below.

The West Virginia Library Commission (WVLC) provides Grants in Aid (GIA) to West Virginia Public Libraries, which, combined with local support, provides operating funds for the expansion and enhancement of library services.

The State Historic Preservation Office manages the State Development Grant Program for rehabilitating properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places or contributing property in a historic district or/and archaeological development of a site listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The WV Legislature appropriates the funding source for this grant program through Lottery Funds.

The State Arts Office administers the Arts Partners grants, Community Arts Project Support (CAPS) grants, Arts in Education grants, and Professional Development grants. Arts Partners provides general operating support for long-standing, stable arts organizations to further an organization’s general purpose or work rather than for a specific purpose or project. CAPS supports projects in all disciplines that offer arts programming to the public. Sub-categories include presenting artists, performing arts, visual arts, media arts, and folk/traditional arts.

Arts in Education provides support for curriculum-based, hands-on projects that involve K-12 students and teachers in the arts during daily instruction or outside of regular school hours; support to present performing, literary, and visual artists to students in grades K-12; and support for schools, nonprofit community arts organizations and other nonprofit sponsors that do not present a season of events for the presentation of West Virginia artists in arts education projects.

Professional Development provides support for professional and emerging artists to expand or improve their work or share their expertise and support for art organizations that meet the needs of underserved artists by offering programs that help them grow or improve their work.

West Virginia Library Commission

Grants in Aid (GIA) for West Virginia Public Libraries

Grantee Organization                                                                   Grant Amount

Alderson Public Library                                                                $21,739.71

Belington Public Library                                                                $34,854.06

Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library                                          $101,220.43

Boone-Madison Public Library                                                     $114,771.57

Bridgeport Public Library                                                              $49,131.43

Brooke County Public Library                                                      $99,789.01

Buffalo Creek Mem Public Library                                               $52,373.18

Burnsville Public Library                                                              $16,756.05

Cabell County Public Library                                                        $496,524.27

Calhoun County Public Library                                                   $32,780.60

Capon Bridge Public Library                                                        $24,307.85

Chapmanville Public Library                                                        $51,610.11

Charles W. Gibson Public Library                                                $27,291.73

Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library                                            $275,785.42

Clay County Public Library                                                          $42,369.02

Cowen Public Library                                                                    $22,923.79

Craft Memorial Library                                                                 $250,172.45

Craigsville Public Library                                                             $43,163.67

Doddridge County Public Library                                                $41,090.21

Dora B Woodyard Public Library                                                $27,333.83

Elkins-Randolph Public Library                                                   $70,555.39

Fayette County Public Library                                                     $213,071.27

Five Rivers Public Library                                                             $20,281.98

Gassaway Public Library                                                               $24,086.82

Gilmer Public Library                                                                     $38,985.18

Grant County Public Library                                                         $57,762.06

Greenbrier County Public Library                                                $40,090.32

Hamlin-Lincoln County Public Library                                       $107,688.14

Hampshire County Public Library                                               $97,220.87

Hardy County Public Library                                                       $75,249.61

Helvetia Public Library                                                                  $19,108.42

Hundred Public Library                                                                $11,819.75

Jackson County Public Library                                                     $146,252.32

Kanawha County Public Library                                                   $844,507.00

Keyser-Mineral County Public Library                                        $135,874.51

Kingwood Public Library                                                              $108,040.73

Logan Area Public Library                                                            $67,403.10

Louis Bennett Public Library                                                        $89,637.50

Lowe Public Library                                                                        $12,251.28

Lynn Murray Mem Public Library                                                $34,780.38

Marion County Public Library                                                     $295,783.22

Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library                            $642,434.52

Mary H Weir Public Library                                                         $115,213.63

Mason County Public Library                                                      $133,948.41

McDowell County Public Library                                                $100,573.14

Mingo County Public Library                                                        $102,036.13

Monroe County Public Library                                                    $34,885.63

Morgan County Public Library                                                    $59,856.57

Morgantown Public Library                                                         $556,896.57

Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library                            $160,987.53

Mountaintop Public Library                                                         $15,303.58

New Martinsville Public Library                                                  $40,958.65

Nitro Public Library                                                                        $34,859.32

Nutter Fort Public Library                                                             $7,857.03

Ohio County Public Library                                                         $223,264.89

Paden City Public Library                                                             $15,677.22

Parkersburg/Wood County Public Library                                 $387,557.32

Paw Paw Public Library                                                                $29,938.81

Pendleton County Public Library                                                $32,328.02

Peterstown Public Library                                                             $30,244.04

Philippi Public Library                                                                  $46,531.72

Piedmont Public Library                                                               $5,888.83

Pine Grove Public Library                                                             $11,825.01

Pioneer Memorial Public Library                                                 $11,767.13

Pleasants County Public Library                                                  $40,274.51

Pocahontas County Public Library                                              $41,411.23

Princeton Public Library                                                                $63,814.03

Putnam County Public Library                                                    $302,282.50

Rainelle Public Library                                                                  $34,075.19

Raleigh County Public Library                                                     $392,540.98

Richwood Public Library                                                               $43,158.41

Ritchie County Public Library                                                      $44,437.21

Roane County Public Library                                                       $73,823.45

Ronceverte Public Library                                                             $27,754.84

Rupert Public Library                                                                    $21,113.46

Russell Memorial Public Library                                                 $23,518.46

Shepherdstown Public Library                                                     $101,215.17

Sistersville Public Library                                                             $20,129.36

South Charleston Public Library                                                  $71,818.41

South Jefferson Public Library                                                      $101,220.43

Southern Area Public Library                                                        $1,889.27

Summers County Public Library                                                  $62,935.17

Summersville Public Library                                                        $43,158.41

Sutton Public Library                                                                     $24,660.44

Swaney Memorial Public Library                                                $22,050.20

Taylor County Public Library                                                       $87,911.37

Terra Alta Public Library                                                               $72,023.65

Tyler County Public Library                                                         $19,339.98

Upshur County Public Library                                                     $98,041.83

Valley Head Public Library                                                            $22,044.94

Vienna Public Library                                                                    $56,056.98

Wayne County Public Library                                                      $205,145.83

Webster-Addison Public Library                                                 $21,166.09

White Sulphur Springs Public Library                                        $28,770.52

Williamson Public Library                                                            $21,992.31

Wyoming County Public Library                                                 $112,524.45

Total Awarded                                                                                 $9,439,571.01



Public Library Service Center and Unassigned Affiliate Grant       

Grantee Organization                                                                   Grant Amount

Cabell County Public Library                                                       $166,749.00

Craft Memorial Library                                                                 $42,406.00

Greenbrier County Public Library                                                $79,099.00

Kanawha County Public Library                                                   $5,089.00

Keyser-Mineral County Public Library                                       $45,377.00

Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library                            $51,935.00

Mary H Weir Public Library                                                         $10,002.00

Morgantown Public Library                                                         $56,860.00

Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library                            $20,837.00

Parkersburg/Wood County Public Library                                 $29,094.00

Raleigh County Public Library                                                     $22,840.00

Upshur County Public Library                                                     $65,058.00

Doddridge County Public Library                                               $6,267.00

Gilmer Public Library                                                                     $6,643.00

Lowe Public Library                                                                       $1,244.00

Nutter Fort Public Library                                                            $1,243.00

Southern Area Public Library                                                        $1,243.00

Total Awarded                                                                                 $611,986.00

State Historic Preservation Office                                                          


State Development Grants                                                           

Grantee Organization                                                                                            Grant Amount

The Orpheum Theatre, Huntington, Cabell County                                          $20,825.00

C.K. Miller House, Alderson, Greenbrier County                                              $7,666.00

Robert Higgins House, Moorefield, Hardy County                                           $23,000.00

Happy Retreat, Charles Town, Jefferson  County                                               $4,887.50

Armory House #107, Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County                                     $16,932.00

Armory House #24, Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County                                       $15,500.00

Barber Shop-Block E, Lot 6, Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County                          $18,033.00

1030 Quarrier St. (the “Professional Bldg”), Charleston, Kanawha County    $40,000.00

Ruffner Payne Cottage, Charleston, Kanawha County                                     $33,750.00

First Presbyterian Church, Fairmont, Marion County                                      $40,000.00

A.F. Kisar House, Point Pleasant, Mason County                                              $18,750.00

FriendStone, Wheeling, Ohio County                                                                  $38,000.00

Hughes Houses, Wheeling, Ohio County                                                            $40,000.00

Fort Henry Building, Wheeling, Ohio County                                                    $40,000.00

Arthurdale Heritage, Inc., Arthurdale, Preston County                                    $37,655.00

211 Prince Street, Beckley, Raleigh County                                                         $16,387.00

Davis & Elkins College Liberal Arts Hall, Elkins, Randolph County              $40,000.00

Tygart Hotel, Elkins, Randolph County                                                               $40,000.00

French Creek Presbyterian Church, French Creek, Upshur County               $3,475.00

Wyoming Hotel, Mullens, Wyoming County                                                     $45,000.00

Total Awarded                                                                                                         $539,860.50

State Arts Office


Arts Partners

Grantee Organization                                                                    Amount Granted

Old Opera House Theatre Co., Inc.                                               $37,547.00

Oglebay Institute                                                                             $73,629.00

Charleston Ballet, Inc.                                                                     $34,952.00

Parkersburg Art Center                                                                  $38,775.00

Randolph Co. Community Arts Council                                     $17,345.00

Greenbrier Repertory Theatre Company                                     $43,238.00

West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Inc.                                     $77,703.00

Huntington Museum of Art Inc.                                                   $72,360.00

Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences                                          $62,583.00

Morgan Arts Council, Inc.                                                              $23,785.00

Artsbridge, Inc.                                                                                $25,625.00

Wheeling Symphony Society, Inc.                                                 $55,382.00

Carnegie Hall, Inc.                                                                           $51,775.00

Total Awarded                                                                                 $614,699.00

Community Arts Grant Awards

Grantee Organization                                                                    Grant Amount

RiffRaff Arts Collective                                                                   $7,450.00

The River House                                                                              $4,323.00

Chuck Mathena Center                                                                   $20,000.00

Augusta Heritage Center                                                                $20,000.00

Youth Museum of Southern WV                                                   $20,000.00

WVU at Parkersburg Foundation                                                 $7,078.00

Alban Arts Center                                                                            $10,475.00

Appalachian South Folklife                                                            $9,700.00

Contemporary American Theatre                                                 $20,000.00

Fairmont Chamber Music Society                                                 $2,986.00

Pocahontas Opera House                                                               $11,720.00

Speak Storytelling                                                                            $11,316.00

WV Arts Presenters                                                                         $12,750.00

WV Professional Dance Company                                                $17,875.00

Kanawha Valley FOOTMAD                                                         $4,043.00

City of Morgantown                                                                        $20,000.00

Children’s Theatre of Charleston                                                  $17,400.00

Strand Theater                                                                                  $6,700.00

Alchemy Theatre Troupe                                                                $8,113.00

Beckley Art Group                                                                           $14,324.00

Appalachian Chamber Music Society                                          $5,951.00

First Stage Theatre Company                                                         $3,241.00

Summit Chamber Music Series                                                     $7,259.00

Northern WV Dance Council                                                         $10,581.00

West Virginia Public Theatre                                                         $17,000.00

Arthurdale Heritage Center                                                           $9,360.00

Friends of Music                                                                              $14,953.00

Total Awarded                                                                                 $314,598.00

Arts in Education

Grantee Organization                                                                    Grant Amount

WV Professional Dance Company                                                $15,000.00

West Virginia Youth Symphony                                                    $4,170.00

High Rocks Educational Corp.                                                      $11,590.00

Kanawha County Schools                                                              $14,250.00

Kanawha Valley FOOTMAD                                                         $4,600.00

Greenbrier County Schools                                                            $14,075.00

WVU at Parkersburg                                                                       $10,200.00

ArtsBank, Inc.                                                                                   $5,800.00

Jefferson County Board of Ed.                                                       $7,500.00

Hampshire County Arts Council                                                  $2,050.00

Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative                                      $2,760.00

Total Awarded                                                                                 $91,995.00


Professional Development Awards

Grantee                                                                                             Grant Amount

Tamarack Foundation for the Arts                                                $4,853.00

Carline Waugh                                                                                 $2,500.00

Steven Hughart                                                                                $2,311.00

Clara Haizlett                                                                                   $2,076.00

Leslie Norris                                                                                     $1,932.00

Domenica Queen                                                                             $1,266.00

Rebekah Kendyl Bostic                                                                   $732.00

Peggy Owens                                                                                    $660.00

Emily Dodrill                                                                                    $452.00

Marcus Floravante                                                                           $2,339.00

Total Awarded                                                                                 $19,121.00

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