WV Transportation Workers Spent Work Stoppage Day Protesting

Beckley., WV (WOAY) – Not only were teachers rallying today. Several Raleigh County Transportation workers were protesting in regards to their low wages and benefits.

The workers arrived at the Transportation Department at 5 o’clock this morning in an effort to make sure their voices were heard.

One local bus driver wants parents and students to know one thing.

Steven Faw adds, “I do apologize to our students and to parents that we’ve had to take this measure. We do not want our kids to suffer in any way, we take a great deal of pride in our children. What we’re doing now will make our school system better.”

The movement is also intended for incoming state workers as well.

Faw said, “This is for future state workers who want to work in the West Virginia education system. Hopefully they do not have to go through what current workers have.”

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