WV Fireworks Outlet on staying safe this Fourth of July

CRAB ORCHARD, WV (WOAY) – Fourth of July is just a month away. It’s a patriotic holiday most everyone loves.

WV Fireworks Outlet says they are about advocacy for safety and respecting your neighbor.

They only sell consumer-grade fireworks, which co-owner Lance Bush says are safe to set off in backyards or residential areas. There’s no special license required for that.

“Some people are more sensitive to loud noises and fireworks. So we carry a wide variety of products that can satisfy everybody,” said Bush. “We’ve got smaller novelty fountain type of fireworks that are more kid-friendly. And we also have a lot of aerial fireworks, mortars, reloadable, multi-shot, cakes.”

Before 2016, aerial fireworks were not legalized in West Virginia. Even now…

“Certain cities and municipalities have different rules and regulations around noise ordinances,” Bush said. “You have to check your local city.”

Fireworks can be fun, but you have to be responsible. Know your local laws and regulations when it comes to setting them off. This tape is protection for the fuze. Once you light it, make sure to steer clear of your face and hands so you can stay safe.

When it comes to the love of fireworks, it may be color and effects; it’s also a good family-friendly activity. Fireworks outlet has repeat customers and enthusiasts.

“Pyro enthusiasts that really enjoy the fireworks — some like the noise, a lot of patriotic people,” said Bush. “Family reunions during the summer months, birthdays, gender reveal fireworks. It has a lot of different meanings for a lot of people.”

To stay safe, Lance says your fireworks should be on a flat surface, smaller fireworks need to be braced to ensure they remain upright, your area is clear and you have proper distancing from others.

“To ensure that you are at a far enough distance, from the time you ignite the firework ‘til it goes off,” he said. “If for some reason the firework does not ignite properly, you want to make sure you give it time to go out, soak it in water so it doesn’t reignite. If you’re a child, you have adult supervision.”

When working with fireworks make sure you and your audience stay safe. WV Fireworks Outlet can help.





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