Work continuing on two historic structures in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Restoration work on the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia law library is ongoing in downtown Lewisburg.

The Greenbrier Historical Society is leading the project. Construction crews are removing the paint that currently covers the building to reveal the original brick.

Damaged areas will be repaired, and the windows will be refurbished. Work is expected to wrap up in July.

Additionally, the historical society is restoring Rhoda’s House, a building that was first used to house slaves. It was later converted into a Civil War hospital, and you can still see the graffiti left by soldiers.

The library building was used from 1834 until 1864.

The project is supported by the James F.B. Peyton Fund and First Energy Foundation.

“We are beyond excited to have this work begin. We are one step closer to being able to tell the story of these important buildings and have them reflect the times in which they were so significant,” Al Emch, president of the Greenbrier Historical Society, said.

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