Winter Place provides update on the ski season

GHENT, WV (WOAY) – February marks the middle of the ski season which runs from mid November into the end of March or early April. This years season has seen great conditions so far due to all of the winter weather seen over the past few months.

“The weather has really cooperated, we’ve had good seasonal temperatures and we’ve had snowfall every week,” said Winter Place Executive Vice President Tom Wagner. “It’s actually been a great winter for skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing.”

However, like everyone else this year, Winter Place has also had to deal with the pandemic and keeping people safe. Executive Vice President Tom Wagner reports that it has been a challenge for them to ensure everyone is wearing a mask, but they have pushed forward with minimal issue.

“Covid has definitely affected us not only from the standpoint of our employees, trying to make sure that they stay safe, but then also along with that making sure everybody is wearing a face mask,” Wagner said. “Everybody’s been pretty good about complying, so it’s made it a little challenging, but we are getting through it.”

If you have not had the chance to get out and enjoy the slopes yet this season don’t worry as there is still plenty of time left. Presidents Day weekend marks the last three day weekend of the season, but Wagner says that the early spring weather brings more opportunities to hit the slopes.

“Looking at this weekend, which is Presidents Day weekend, this is our last three day weekend of the winter season,” said Wagner. “It’s when everybody comes back out again, you know your conditions are going to be good. There is going to be a lot of participation on this weekend, but then we start to move into the spring weather. Where the temperatures become a little more comfortable and it’s going to be great skiing going into March.”

Winter Place plans to continue their ski season through at least the middle of March.

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