White Sulphur Springs renovated tennis courts almost finished

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WOAY) – The residents of White Sulphur Springs will get a chance to experience newly renovated amenities at Dick Gunnoe Memorial Park soon.

The park suffered severe damage from the 2016 flooding. Mayor Bruce Bowling says with help from grants, the city can rebuild the park everyone knows and loves.

“There were several cracks in the surface, and that’s probably the one thing that we hadn’t really addressed,” said White Sulphur Springs Mayor Bruce Bowling. “We applied for a grant originally and got turned down, and then we went through the Payten Foundation.”

According to Mayor Bowling, the tennis courts are almost finished and are already scheduled to be put to good use.

“The Greenbrier came to us and said they’re hosting the World Tennis Tournament starting in two weeks, and they needed a practice course, and they asked if ours were available,” said Bowling.

Mayor Bowling says although it is nice that the tennis courts are almost completed, community members can also expect more.

“It one more piece to the puzzle of the park,” said Bowling. “We have one of the finest parks in Southern West Virginia. We have a walking track, football, and soccer field, softball field, and the pool will be finished in a couple of weeks. It’s quite a park; it’s beautiful.”

Mayor Bowling says the tennis court will be open to the public in the next few weeks.

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