West Virginians ready to travel this summer

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Memorial Day Weekend is here and with the new COVID vaccine, many West Virginians are ready to travel.

As the United Dates is taking baby steps into putting the pandemic behind us, many West Virginians are ready to get on the road.

According to a poll conducted by AAA, 55% of West Virginians are considering an upcoming trip this summer.

Senior Travel Agent Melissa Norris said, “With things being kind of confined due to COVID, we’re now seeing a really great influx right now of travel picking up and people wanting to get out from under that restraint from being limited for restrictions.”

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to the summer season, where travel agencies pick up the pace.

“This time of year does kick off a busy time of travel.” Norris said, “Although most people start traveling and planning to travel early in January and February for spring and summer.”

The most popular type of travel for Memorial Day Weekend is road-tripping, as there is a 50% increase from last year of travelers cruising their way into vacation this season.

However this year, drivers will be seeing the highest Memorial Day gas prices since 2014.

“The rates that we’re talking about that has changed is the gas prices. Gas is definitely up around $1.00 to $1.10 from last year at this time.”

According to the poll, most West Virginians that wont be traveling this weekend isn’t due to COVID, but not normally celebrating this holiday weekend.

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