West Virginia state auditor to conduct real estate tax lien sales following bill passed during legislative session

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY) – Sheriff’s offices will no longer conduct annual real estate tax lien sales.   

The West Virginia legislature passed Senate Bill 552 during last year’s session, transferring the responsibility of these sales to the West Virginia state auditor. 

The sheriff’s tax office must certify a list of delinquent properties to the state auditor’s office at the close of business on October 31 each year.  

Once this list is submitted to the auditor’s office, the land owner must contact the auditor’s office to redeem the property before it is sold in their sale.   

With the new legislation, there is a shorter time frame to redeem property, and the 2022 list of delinquent properties will be available in the newspaper by September 21.   

Additionally, certified letters are being sent out to the last current address at the time of assessment.    

Residents paying their real estate taxes by October 31 each year can avoid redeeming their property through the auditor’s office.   


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