West Virginia Democrats oppose Constitutional Amendments 1,2, and 4

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – The West Virginia Democratic Executive Committee met on August 27 and collectively decided to urge voters to oppose Constitutional Amendments 1,2 and 4. The amendments will appear on the General Election ballot in the November 8 election, and voters must approve for the legislation to pass.

West Virginia Democratic Party (WVDP) Delegate Joey Garcia dissuades voters from approving Amendment 1, stating, “Amendment 1 attacks the independence of the judiciary and serves to politicize our courts.”

Democratic Party Vice Chair Danielle Walker said, “The so-called Property Tax Modernization Amendment will cost county boards of education, county commissions, and city governments hundreds of millions of dollars.” Walker further stated that the legislation would cut police funding, school budgets, and several other services to provide tax breaks for the wealthy.

The Executive Committee also voted to oppose Amendment 4, also known as The Education Accountability Amendment. Democratic Party Chair Mike Pushkin defended the opposition saying the legislation would strip control from State school boards, allowing politicians to make decisions impacting local education systems.

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