Wes Holden to run as an independent for congress

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- Wes Holden is running to be the congressman for West Virginia’s First Congressional District. Holden is currently the only independent running for the seat. He will not be on the primary ballot on May 14th, but he will be running in the General Election this November.

As it stands now, he will face off against the Republican and Democrat primary winners and anyone else on a third-party ticket.

He has worked for former Senator Jay Rockefeller for 38 years, and he believes his experience makes him qualified for this position.

He’s running as an independent because he says he’s tired of the party politics and legislation not getting done.

“I find that both parties are only trying to set their own political agenda. We need someone who’s independent, who’s not going to be forced by ‘you got to vote this way, or you got to vote that way,’ “explained Holden. “As an independent, all I have to worry about is how am I going to meet the needs of West Virginians?”

His top three priorities are funding for healthcare, funding for education and bringing economic opportunities to West Virginia. He explains one of his strategies to bring more opportunities to the mountain state.

“I would imitate the policies of senator John D. Rockefeller and what he did,” said Holden. “He would invite corporations personally, bring them to West Virginia, work with the West Virginia department of economic development to show them the benefits of West Virginia. And just think of rural West Virginia, there’s unlimited possibilities.”

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