Vivek Ramaswamy joined Patrick Morrisey on the campaign trail after endorsing him for Governor

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY)—Just hours after the most recent poll in the governor’s race showed that Morrisey had a healthy lead over his competitors, a nationwide political conservative figure has come out to one of Morrisey’s campaign stops.

Vivek Ramaswamy joined Patrick Morrisey at the Dutch Haus restaurant in Lewisburg for Morrisey’s next campaign stop. The room was filled with well over 100 people in support of Morrisey. Ramaswamy endorsed Morrisey for governor on April 25.

He said that Morrisey leading the charge in West Virginia vs. EPA and winning led him to endorse Morrisey.

“One of the core issues, not only my presidential campaign, but I think it’s saving this country is dismantling the administrative state,” said Vivek Ramaswamy, former presidential candidate. “The fourth branch of government that is unconstitutional, what we call the deep state, the managerial class, the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., who should not be actually running the government. They were never elected to run the government, who are really running the government today.”

There were other reasons that caused him to endorse Morrisey.

“I mean, even look at some of the recent victories. He’s been continuing to notch these wins one after another,” said Ramaswamy. “So I think that his ability to take not only the national example that he’s set as an attorney general, which took courage but his ability to translate that into actual executive leadership as a governor. That’s actually what called me to endorse him.”

During the campaign stop, Morrisey and Ramaswamy talk about how Morrisey is a proven conservative and how he will be able to help West Virginia if elected as governor, doing things he has been doing as attorney general.

“When I hear Vivek talk about dismantling the administrative state, I know that we’ve been working here in West Virginia to do that for many years,” said Patrick Morrisey, Republican gubernatorial candidate. “Whether it’s taking on the Green New Deal or the Biden waters United States rule, Vivek knows the importance of having proper constitutional governance in our country and the key roles that governors and states can play in our new system.”

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