Weather Update: Dry Skin Alert!

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): High pressure will keep our weather sunny and dry this week.

A dry cold front will pass by to the north on Wednesday and stir up the wind just enough to elevate the brush fire risk.

Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill’s latest forecast:

One important piece of the puzzle to keep in mind is the lack of moisture in the air this week. Below is a graph that indicates the typical relative humidity in April (circled black line) when the air temperatures during the afternoon are 60-80 degrees (blue box), which will be our high temperatures through Friday. Notice how the humidity drops off appreciably when the air temperature exceeds 60 degrees.

The key to this week’s forecast is moisture application to hands and lips and perhaps keeping the humidifier on in your house, especially if you suffer from nosebleeds in the dry weather.

A low pressure in the Southeast will eventually push north and bring an increased risk for showers on Friday. A cold front will break the mold of this past week’s weather and trigger a few showers on Saturday and Sunday followed by a chilly blast!

Below is your 7-Day StormWatch 4 weather forecast from Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill:



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