Watoga State Park to hold dark sky party

It’s time to turn out the lights- the second annual dark sky party is returning to Watoga State Park.

It’s happening on September 22, with September 24 scheduled as the make-up date.

Watoga State Park is one of three certified dark sky paths in the state, and Pocahontas County has the darkest skies out of all of the mid-Atlantic states.

“Light pollution affects humans and animals as well as plant life,” said Louanne Fatora, vice-president of the Watoga State Park Foundation. “Even the wondrous synchronous fireflies that exist at Watoga are a protected species and having dark skies is vital for their continued survival.”

There will be several telescopes available, as well as activities for kids.

Organizers recommend arriving before sunset and parking away from the viewing site. No white light is allowed, except for emergency use. There will be red cellophane to cover flashlights available.

Pets are not allowed due to safety concerns.

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