Vaught Neurological Services moves in former Elementary school

CRAB ORCHARD, WV (WOAY) –  After being closed for three years, the former Orchard Elementary school has been repurposed into a new neurological practice.

The former Crab Orchard Elementary school is the new site of Dr. Barry Vaught’s new medical facility called Vaught Neurological Services.

“We came upon the opportunity that the Crab Orchard Elementary School was closing and was going up for auction and we looked it over and saw a lot of the opportunity,” Vaught said. 

The new office takes up 40 percent of the old school. The remaining 60 percent is being converted into a retail coffee shop, rental offices for local businesses, and the former school criteria kitchen will be rented out to a catering company. 

Currently, Vaught Neurological Services sees up to 80 patients a day. Vaught says now with the new facility, he expects the number of patients to increase.

“We hope to see patients more quickly and to get folks in quicker if they are having problems and also provide additional services. We provide a full array neural diagnostic testing like testing for seizures, testing for nerve conditions like problems with the feet, problems with the back and those kind of things,” Vaught said.  

For Vaught being in the area hits home. Although he never attended Crab Orchard Elementary school as a child. He grew up miles away from the school. 

“To be back home (sort of speak) is fantastic and to have a larger facility that we designed to fit our needs and the needs of our patients is really exciting. I’ve been back in my hometown for 14 years, but to plant deeper roots is all very exciting to try and bring the best care to our people in the community,” Vaught said. 

If you would like to book an appointment or learn more, Vaught Neurological Services is open from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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