Using simple holiday swaps to help avoid weight gain and reduce stress this holiday season

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – On top of the stress that the holidays ever so often can bring with it, overindulging on food always adds more.

Actually, many people even feel anxious this time of year due to food intake alone, and the lingering sense of guilt that comes afterward.

But, America’s gut doctor and author of his newest upcoming book, The Gut SMART Protocol, Dr. Vincent Pedre says there are solutions to this problem.

By swapping out just a few key ingredients with more natural, healthier alternatives, he says that people can avoid weight gain and feel better.

“So, we’ll start with sugar, which is the most inflammatory substance that we can consume,” Pedre says. “A great swap for sugar is a new sweetener, it’s called Allulose. So, Allulose has 90% fewer calories than sugar.”

As 70 to 90 percent of people worldwide happen to be lactose intolerant, milk makes another major ingredient Dr. Pedre advises people to avoid if they can. He says the best alternative– nut-based milk such as almond or coconut.

Butter is also an ingredient loaded with fat and calories to swap, and coconut oil is the best replacement for that.

Finally, a holiday favorite that’s loaded with different ingredients that leave the gut feeling less than its best is milk chocolate.

“The alternative that I have here is dark chocolate, and there are many great benefits to dark chocolate,” he says. “One, usually it has less sugar than milk chocolate, so right there is a win, second, it’s full of antioxidants that are great for the body, it’s also great for the brain.”

By using these swaps and following Dr. Pedre’s simple recipes, he guarantees people will not only avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain, but their gut and their body will feel better overall.

“It’s about feeling better, making swaps that actually reduce inflammation in the body so that you don’t put on those 5 to 10 extra pounds during the holidays,” Dr. Pedre adds.

He also includes a simple swap for holiday cocktails among five other holiday swaps, in addition to how to make a more healthy and natural hot chocolate.

You can find these tips and more in his new book, or by visiting his virtual downloadable guide.

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